Company HARD

Why is choosing and buying furniture from us easy and fast?

We are a company that includes a young team. Our desire is to provide customers with products tailored to their needs and wishes with simple and orderly processes.

We combine entrepreneurship, creativity, welding and woodworking. You can reach all the listed categories on one website and we will provide you with the products you need.

How does HARD work?

On the website, you choose the category of the product you are looking for. Depending on the chosen design of the product you have chosen, you can choose:

  • length
  • width
  • plate material
  • base color
  • height
  • plate coating
  • finish – base coating (matt, semi-matt, gloss)
  • base color structure
  • delivery method

After placing an order, we will make a table according to your wishes. It will be made and delivered in the shortest possible time.

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