Custom garden tables

The coming spring and warm days, when we want to spend most of the day outdoors, are the time to plan a terrace. The garden is something that represents outdoor summer living spaces. In order to feel good about it, its arrangement is crucial. This includes the arrangement and installation of garden furniture.

Given that today we also have summer kitchens outside, the garden table is also important. This is the central space for dining and gathering of the company at a joint event.

Garden furniture is divided into dining sets and seating / coffee / lounge sets. So we have a terrace divided similarly to the interior, the central space to the dining area and the relaxation area, where you can drink coffee in peace or sit comfortably and rest.

It often happens that garden tables are the subject of complaint, as they do not meet their needs. Most often the reason is in their size and instability. If we want to offer all the delicacies we have prepared on our grill to our guests at the table, while maintaining enough space for comfortable accommodation of all those gathered at the table, it is necessary to have a slightly larger, wider and at the same time stable table.

To this end, we at HARD want to offer garden tables that meet all these criteria. We want your guests to sit comfortably at the table and enjoy all your goodies. In addition to functionality, strength and quality, we also strive for the beauty of natural materials. We offer garden tables made of solid wood or a combination of a metal base and a wooden table top. All our wood that we offer for outdoor tables is proven to be suitable and categorized for outdoor conditions. You can choose between wood: oak (rustic or premium), European chestnut, teak, mahogany, iroko, Siberian larch.

The special feature of ordering from us is that you can easily choose the dimensions, types of wood, table legs and other specifications on our website, and at the same time you get the immediate price of the product.

Each of our garden tables is made in our country, in Slovenia, and made to measure and with quality. We deliver it to your desired location or terrace.

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