Recommended table dimensions

1. Calculation of the number of persons

  • 60 cm for a tight seat
  • 75 cm for a comfortable seat (normal dimension)

The following widths are expected for the seat:

For example: a 250 cm long table offers space for 3 comfortable or 4 slightly cramped seats on each side and 2 more seats at the head ends.


2. Dimensions of tables

The following guidelines will help you decide:

  • 45 cm – 55 cm for a chair without armrests
  • 55 cm – 65 cm for a chair with armrests

3. How wide the table should be

The factor for the ideal width of the table is the space in the middle of the table. A width of 80 cm – 100 cm is recommended in order to arrange the dishes and food comfortably.

Another measure of width, however, is the proportions of the table. To achieve a more beautiful aesthetic appearance, for tables under 180 cm it is recommended to choose a width of 80 cm – 95 cm. For table lengths of 180 cm, you can choose a width of 100 cm. For large panels longer than 280 cm, the width can be increased to 125 cm.


4. Table height

The standard height of the dining table is between 74 cm and 76 cm. Most chairs have a seat height between 44 cm and 48 cm. The distance from the seat to the top of the table should be between 27 cm and 31 cm.

Clear height is the measure from the floor to under the table. In the case of chairs with armrests in particular, it should be clarified whether the chairs should be pushed completely under the table. Then the clear height should not exceed the height of the armrests of the chair.


5. Table according to the size of the room

The table needs to be given its own space. It is recommended that the table has 80-100 cm of space on each side, for normal passage and deviation.

A smaller distance is possible with benches. With them, 20 cm of additional space is enough (bench depth + 20 cm).


6. Tricks and tips

You can use adhesive tape, cardboard or paper to make it easier to visualize. Cover the space, mark the space where the table is supposed to stand. This way you will be able to check if there is enough space to sit comfortably, stand up or if you can walk around the table normally.

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