The best color for the table frame

Iron is the metal used the most, mainly because we can change its properties according to what it will be used for by adding other metals or carbon, sometimes silicon and phosphorus. Today, thousands of different steel castings are used.

But iron also has a weakness and that is rust. Iron is susceptible and there is no measure that can completely eliminate rust. The time to rust depends on the type of iron used.

Stainless steel and aluminum take longer to start to rust. This is due to the fact that the resulting rust coated the material. Steel itself tends to rust quickly. It only takes a day or two for an outdoor steel structure to turn brown.

Rust is iron oxide and is formed as a result of a reaction between iron and ambient moisture. Rust can spread quickly and if left untreated, the iron in a given structure can break down completely. Rust can be removed but it is a lengthy process that can take several hours.

Protect iron from rust:

  • COLORING: used to protect large objects. Here, too, the paint needs to be restored & nbsp; when its surface cracks.
  • GALVANIZING: is the coating of steel with a layer of zinc that is & nbsp; & nbsp; more reactive than steel. If such a protected surface is scratched, zinc will react with oxygen rather than steel.

Our products made of iron and other metals are processed according to the rules. Pre-preparation includes sanding, which provides a good base for all other coatings. This is followed by a coating, application of a protective, primer paint and a final layer in the desired shades. The modern paint shop enables all metal parts of our products to be of high quality and beautiful.

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