The best massive wood for panel

The first of the natural materials is wood. It is hard to imagine how humanity would live without this important building block. Wood has historical significance and is a central element of our lives. Its usability, strength and aesthetics intertwine throughout.

Plastic material such as plastic makes it easier and cheaper to assemble and make. But man, because of his innate sense of aesthetics and, above all, his connection with nature, likes to resort to materials that offer him comfort, beauty and a sense of life.

At HARD, we are aware of this and, with respect for nature, we create pieces from natural materials that, with their minimalist design, testify to themselves.

1. OAK

Oak is a classic among wood species. It has a long service life, is very resistant to damage, easy to handle and, last but not least, its color suits almost any interior design.

At HARD you can choose between: rustic oak, premium oak and bleached oak.

2. European walnut

Walnut is considered a very high quality wood. It has black-brown color shades. Due to its color shades, it creates sophistication.
The wood is hard, heavy, tough and very elastic and shrinks a bit. It is stable, dries slowly and is good for processing.

3. American walnut

American walnut wood is hard, heavy, hard, tough and very resilient wood, shrinks slightly, is stable, dries slowly and is good for processing.

4. Siberian larch

Siberian larch wood is relatively hard, heavy, elastic, shrinks slightly, is stable, dries well and is easy to handle. The wood has a pleasant aromatic scent. Due to its slow growth, it is very resistant to weathering and is widely used for outdoor, garden furniture.

5. Beech

Beech is hard, heavy, hard, shrinks strongly, stability is unfavorable, it tends to crack, dries slowly and is well processed.

6. Autumn

Autumn is heavy, firm, tough and flexible, shrinks a little, is stable, dries moderately well and handles well. However, poorly resistant to weathering.

7. Maple

Maple is moderately hard, medium heavy, elastic and tough, it shrinks moderately, is stable, tends to crack and is well processed. In the radial section, small shiny glitters are visible mirrors.

8. Pear

Pear wood is hard, firm, tough, slightly elastic, stable, difficult to dry, prone to cracking and conditionally good for processing.

9. Cherry

Moderately hard, medium heavy, firm, tough, shrinks and cracks a little and handles well.

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