For bigger orders we can make a custom delivery to any country.
For small orders we offer delivery in Slovenia and places close to Slovenia like Zagreb in Croatia or Trieste in Italy.
We only offer local pickup for single tables for other countries at the moment. Our next plan is to offer delivery too.

Delivery of goods ordered in the online store
For purchases in the online store, we offer transport of products to your home. We also allow you to enter the ordered goods into the apartment at an additional cost according to the price list.

Shipment of ordered goods

We want to deliver the ordered products in the fastest possible way. Products in stock are prepared for transport to the address in the shortest possible time.

In the event that due to unforeseen reasons we will not be able to prepare the ordered product for transport to the address, we will inform you via the contact information you provided when ordering.

Transportation to your address
The transport of the ordered products to the address is performed by our carriers. The deadline for transporting orders to the address is from 2 to 5 working days, if the products are in stock. During weekends and holidays, and if the items that require freight delivery are not in stock, the transport time to the address is extended accordingly. Upon receipt of the ordered goods, by signing the delivery note, you guarantee that you have received the goods within the agreed time and that the goods are inspected, undamaged and without visible defects.

Product entry into the facility

All orders placed in the online store are accompanied by the address you placed together with your order. If you want us to deliver the purchased products to you through the front door of the apartment, make an additional agreement with us. When entering, you are obliged to provide an unobstructed route for the entry of the ordered products into the apartment and to take care of the protection of the floor and other equipment in the apartment. If the path to the apartment is obstructed or the characteristics of the building do not allow it (narrow staircase, circular stairs), we cannot provide you with an entry. The width of the door on the building must be at least 80 cm. The entry of the product into the apartment is paid extra according to the valid price list.

Price list for transporting goods to the address

Transport to your address in Croatia, Italy and Austria costs 59 € + VAT.
If you also need us to deliver inside the building, it is charged at the price of 39 € + VAT.

The general conditions for the delivery of ordered products apply only in Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Austria up to 250 km away from our headquarters and in the online store

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