Frequently Asked Questions

1. To what countries you offer delivery ?

For bigger orders we can make a custom delivery to any country.
For small orders we offer delivery in Slovenia and places close to Slovenia like Zagreb in Croatia or Trieste in Italy.
We only offer local pickup for single tables for other countries at the moment. Our next plan is to offer delivery too.

2. Do you make furniture?

We make furniture ourselves, in our own production plant.

3. Can we choose between colors if they are not listed on your website?

All the colors we offer are always listed on our website. There is an option to order custom paint if it is not available on our color scale.

4. Can we order custom furniture from you?

With us, you can choose from a variety of furniture models on the website. You can change the shapes, colors and dimensions of almost everyone. We are always available for your ideas, so you can write to us at

5. Is it possible to change the dimensions of tables or benches?

This is our basic offer, so you can change the dimensions of almost every product on the website.

6. How much is the price of furniture?

The prices of the products on our website are listed for each product. If there is an option to complete the order, the price will change automatically when you select the desired option. Prices include VAT and free delivery throughout Slovenia to the entrance of the house / building.

7. What are the delivery deadlines for the ordered goods?

Under each product is written the approximate delivery time in working days. Working days do not represent a deadline, but the expected time required for the manufacture and delivery of furniture. The approximate delivery time is set by the manufacturer and varies from product to product. We have no influence on the delivery time of a certain product, it depends on the manufacturer.

8. Does the furniture have a warranty?

Each product has a minimum warranty of 24 months. In the event of any defects that may occur during production or delivery, we will endeavor to replace the product as soon as possible.

The consumer can claim the guarantee by submitting an invoice for the purchase of the product. As a seller, we guarantee the quality and flawless operation of the product during the warranty period, if the buyer uses it according to the instructions and if the warranty comes into force with the delivery of goods to the consumer. As a seller, we guarantee that we will eliminate all defects and defects in the product during the warranty period, which are not the result of improper use. We do not accept the warranty in the event of damage caused by improper transport and unprofessional installation by the customer.

Instructions for using the furniture:

Furniture must be assembled according to the enclosed instructions. The product is intended for indoor use, with a normal temperature of 18 – 23 ° C and 55 – 75% relative humidity (the exception is products from the garden furniture department). Furniture must be at least 100 cm away from the heat source and protected by a thermal insulator. The furniture is intended for normal use and does not withstand excessive loads.

Fabrics must be cleaned and protected with products designed and suitable for the material of the product. Clean wooden parts of furniture with a soft cloth or cleaning agents intended for cleaning wooden furniture. Clean the chrome parts with chrome cleaners and the plastic parts with a dry or slightly damp cloth.

9. What about product returns?

As a customer in the online store, you have the right to withdraw from the contract without mention within 14 days. The withdrawal period expires in 14 days.

10. How to order your furniture?

Simple. On our website, select the product you want, choose the color if you have a choice, specify the number of products you want, and select “add to cart”. The website will take you on to the completion of the order.

11. Where can I get information about the status of my order?

You can contact us by phone: or by e-mail: with the order number and we will check the status of your order.

12. Can I request the original invoice (R 1)?

You must send us a request for the original invoice at least one day before delivery. Indicate your tax number on it.

13. How can I cancel an order?

You can cancel the order by calling or e-mail:

14. At what time of day can I expect delivery?

We always try to make sure the delivery is during the day that suits you, but we cannot guarantee that the driver will be with you at a certain time. The day before delivery, we will inform you about the approximate delivery time. You will also be called by the driver at least 20 minutes before arrival.

15. Will the driver deliver my order to the apartment?

The driver will deliver the order to the apartment or house if you have collected delivery by entering the apartment when ordering. Otherwise, the driver is obliged to deliver the furniture to the location (in front of the entrance, accessible by vehicle). For larger pieces of furniture (such as corner sofas and sofas), the driver will need your input assistance because the pieces are too heavy for one person. In this case, please find at least one person who can help the driver with the entry.

16. What to do if we receive damaged or defective furniture?

If you have received an order that contains damaged furniture or parts are missing, call us at or send us an e-mail to: Please let us know which part is damaged and send everything together with a photo of the product to our e-mail address.

17. Do you have an exhibition space where you can see the furniture?

We specialize exclusively in the online sale of furniture, so we do not have outlets or a showroom where furniture can be seen before purchase. We want to make it as easy as possible for customers to buy from home. We do not need prepayment, as the ordering process is risk-free and loss-free.

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