Table No. 009

12,20  Inc. VAT

Table No. 009 is a fashion-looking table. It consists of a steel base reminiscent of a V-shape and a table top. Both elements together create a beautiful aesthetic product, which also has a practical maximum efficiency of the seats.

The base legs are 100mm / 100mm / 2mm. The bottom of the base is 900mm / 600mm / 10mm.


You can also DESIGN all our tables YOURSELF. You can choose from a variety of base colors and models, tabletop materials, dimensions and coatings.


Suitable for: Indoor. The wood available is not resistant to external weather conditions.



Frame: Material

Frame: Coating

Frame-Leg: Width

Frame-Leg: Depth

Frame-Leg: Thickness

Frame-Bottom: Width

Frame-Bottom: Depth

Frame-Bottom: Thickness

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