Table No. 113 – without connection

12,20  Inc. VAT

Table No. 113 is a wooden table with a steel base in a shape reminiscent of the shape of the letter X. It is designed so that the legs of the base are placed slightly away from the edge, which allows comfortable installation and maximum use of seats around it. Its strong frame emphasizes the power and strength that this table offers.

Model Table No. 113 – without is available up to a length of 200cm. For longer dimensions, Table No. is available 113.


You can also DESIGN all our tables YOURSELF. You can choose from a variety of base colors and models, tabletop materials, dimensions and coatings.


Suitable for: Outdoor. The wood available is resistant to external weather conditions.



Frame: Material

Frame: Coating

Frame-Leg: Width

Frame-Leg: Depth

Frame-Leg: Thickness

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