Refund and Returns Policy

Return of items within 14 days

  1. As a customer in the online store, you have the right to withdraw from the contract without mention within 14 days. The withdrawal period expires in 14 days:

a) From the day when the item is physically owned by the buyer or a third party designated by the buyer and not the carrier of the item.

b) In the case of a contract for the delivery of goods consisting of several pieces, the period begins to run from the day when the buyer or a third party authorized to take possession of the last shipment or ordered item.

  1. In order to exercise your right of access from the contract, you must immediately inform the seller by means of an unequivocal written resignation statement:
    orders e-mail:
    You can send a written resignation letter by e-mail.
  2. The buyer may optionally use the attached model withdrawal form when withdrawing.
  3. The costs of sending or delivering the return of the item are borne by the buyer. The company is not obliged to accept redemption shipments.
  4. In the event of withdrawal from the contract, it is sufficient that the notice on the exercise of the buyer’s right to withdraw is sent before or within the withdrawal period from the purchase contract.
  5. The buyer must return the item to the seller within 14 days from the date of notification of withdrawal from the contract.
  6. The seller shall without undue delay return to the buyer all payments received within 14 days of receipt of the notice, provided that within this period the buyer has delivered the returned item to the seller in perfect condition.
  7. The buyer must return or deliver the goods to the seller without undue delay and in any case no later than 14 days from the day on which the consumer notified the company of the withdrawal from the contract. The deadline for refunding the purchase price is taken into account if the buyer returns the goods within 14 days. The direct costs of returning the goods are borne by the buyer.
  8. The seller may withhold payment until he receives the returned goods or until the buyer sends proof that he has sent the goods back.
  9. The amount is returned to the buyer with the same means of payment that was used in the original purchase of the item, unless otherwise agreed. In no event shall the buyer bear any costs as a result of this refund.
  10. All payments are refunded to the buyer, including the original cost of delivery of the item to the buyer. WE DO NOT REFUND to the buyer additional delivery costs, which is not the most affordable standard form of delivery offered by the seller.
  11. The consumer is liable for the reduced value of the goods resulting from the handling of the goods. The item or goods must be returned in perfect condition, ie a condition that does not change its nature, properties or function.
  12. In the event of withdrawal from a contract where a discount, bonus, discount code or other reason for the reduction in full value has been taken into account, only the amount paid will be refunded to the buyer.
  13. The buyer has no right to withdraw from the contract in contracts for the supply of goods, which are made according to the detailed instructions of the buyer and tailored to his personal needs. Goods made according to the exact instructions of the buyer are considered to be goods that are not made in advance, but on the basis of the consumer’s personal choice or decision.


Return form (link)

Return of the item for legal entities
Purchases made by the company are treated according to the rules or general terms and conditions for legal entities. Companies, sole proprietors and other legal entities may return items in accordance with the warranty conditions. Legal entities CANNOT exercise the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days or refund the purchase price.

All additional questions regarding the return of items by legal entities should be addressed to the e-mail address

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